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Wedding Photographer in Antrim

There are countless elements that go into the process of preparing a quote for a photography package for a wedding. If you are a professional photographer or you are seeking a local photographer for your wedding in Antrim it's important to consider some of these top items as part of the quoting process. Many people consider photographers to be quite expensive but when they stop to think about all of these elements included with a professional photography quote, they can start to realise just why the prices for a professional wedding photographer in Antrim can be expensive for what appears to be just a few hours at a wedding. Here are some of the lesser known aspects of photography work that are also included in a price quote for any type of photographer. 

If you would like a rate for wedding photography services in Antrim from our company keep some of these top items in mind as well as the easy quote system that's available through the contact form on our website. You can very quickly find out the cost of our services by sharing some brief information online and we can email you the cost of our services. 


Some of the top aspects of photography work that can lead to the price of a photography package include:

The costs of transportation: depending on the amount of gear that needs to be brought along for a photography job, the cost of transportation can sometimes rise considerably. As we work primarily as a local wedding photography company, our costs for actual fuel and transportation can be greatly reduced. If we are required to travel over an extended distance, however, to go to a wedding and photograph multiple locations, this can sometimes lead to some extra costs associated with the wedding package that we quote. If there is a need for a large truck or a vehicle rental in order to bring along a large amount of gear for studio quality shots anywhere, we may also need to bring up the costs of the packages. 

Demands: during peak periods throughout the year the cost of wedding photography packages in Antrim also rises. Because there is a great demand for photography packages during certain summer months there may be a requirement for a bit of extra cost associated with the package. This is because a professional and local photographer may have to pass up a variety of other jobs in order to take on the work with just one client. Rates will often fall during off peak periods throughout the year. There's also something to be said about a photographer having to give up their Saturday on a particularly nice day or working extended hours over a weekend. Overtime hours and extended hours can often lead to higher costs in order to secure a top-quality photographer during extremely rush times in the industry. 

Skill level: professional photographers often need years of experience in their industry in order to start capturing the best quality shots. A professional photographer may have several years of experience in school as well as years of doing weddings. With greater levels of experience come greater photos and a much more experienced photographer that can work through issues on your wedding day. Paying for a bit extra in an hourly rate from skill level is completely warranted. Early on a photographer may charge a low rate but full-time photographers will generally ask for a higher rate in their packages. Remember that paying for quality and experience can really be a vast improvement when you end up getting the wedding photos in Antrim back or if something were to come up throughout your wedding day. 

Equipment costs: the cost of camera equipment, storage, insurance and more for a wedding photography package is considerable. Even some of the top cameras that are regularly used in wedding photography are often valued at thousands of dollars. As any professional wedding photographer in Antrim will often have to carry several cameras with them at a time, this can often lead to the process of insurance climbing up for the cost of a wedding photographer. There are other costs which are associated with the process of editing , marketing and more for a wedding photographer as well. Photographers will need to buy commercial licenses for all of the latest editing suites, top-quality hardware in order to complete editing tasks and more. A professional photographer may also need to secure costs for crafting prints, website with storage, keeping storage backup for all of the image files and more. These types of operational costs happen behind the scenes but can often be some of the most expensive aspects of the service. 

Secondary business costs: any photographer is going to need to keep secondary business costs such as the cost of doing their taxes, the cost of business insurance, the cost of a business license and the cost of web design/website maintenance for all of their services and marketing. These are costs that often get factored into the cost of any wedding but they can be slightly adjusted in some of the referral discounts which are offered to clients in the industry.  

Time in Editing: like any quality photographer in our industry the quotes for service packages that we include also have costs associated with editing. Even though a photographer may only be at a wedding in Antrim for 3 to 4 hours to capture the images that a customer may want, the process of editing all of these images can often take tens of hours afterwards. Even after years of industry experience a professional photographer may need extended time for creating top-quality images that offer the best views in black in white, for prints, for online posting and more. Editing time takes place behind the scenes and sometimes it can take 2 to 3 weeks or even longer after the wedding before prints and digital copies of the photos are posted up for the couple to view. Extra costs associated with the hardware, storage needs and software licensing for all of these editing tasks do also require more support for a professional photographer.  

The cost of assistance: In some cases for very large weddings and wedding parties it can become a very good idea to consider the use of hiring an assistant or a second photographer to handle the process of keeping everyone organised as well as working to get through each of the shots in the wedding.  While assistants for creative wedding photographery in Antrim are often working the cost of the package and at a discounted rate, they can increase the cost of every aspect of the business from transportation, to equipment, hourly wages, and insurance. Assistants can really expedite the process of a big wedding and help to keep everyone organized throughout the day. They are crucial to a successful wedding shoot but they do sometimes require an extended cost for the package. Having an assistant that can also take photos from different angles can also add to costs but help to produce improved photos as well. 

If you are interested in learning more about the cost of a wedding photographer in Antrim and you would like to receive a quote for our services, please fill in the contact form on our site today. We can prepare a quote with all of these factors in mind and more. With years of experience in our industry, we can help to deliver a fair quote for all of these factors and more included in your package quote for a local wedding. Contact us for a quote today and you can get an idea of what our packages will be like for your wedding. 


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