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If you are planning out shooting locations for your wedding it's extremely important that you pick out a wedding photographer in Antrim that is willing to help you find some of the best photography locations in your local area. Whether you are getting married in the country or getting married in the city having a beautiful backdrop or the perfect conditions for your wedding photographer are essential to getting the types of images that you want to remember your wedding day with. We know a series of perfect locations in Antrim that can serve as the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. Be sure to fill in the custom quote form on our site to find out more about the types of shoots we can create for our customers based on our beautiful locations in Antrim. By contacting us today we can start planning your wedding photos!

Here are some of the best ideas that you can use for finding the top locations to shoot with any wedding photographer:


Shooting in a garden: Gardens can offer a beautiful location for any type of wedding photos because they offer a stark contrast from traditional wedding dresses. Beautiful flowers as a backdrop or even a selection of trees/shrubs can offer a living in very natural background that can lead to very vibrant photos. Even if you're having a wedding in the winter is a good chance that many local greenhouses would be happy to invite you in your wedding party inside to capture some shots with some of their prepared gardens. Going to a local botanical gardens or even museum grounds can be a wonderful way to get the natural shots that you want in gardens that are maintained professionally. In many cases you may be forced to pay a small fee in order to rent the gardens and use them for photography. It's always best to call ahead even if you're planning on taking wedding photos in a public park. One of the best ways that you can avoid any type of confusion or trouble is getting your wedding photos done at home with your own meticulously prepared gardens. You can get plenty of pictures of your family members as well as the plants and gardens that you've worked so diligently to maintain. 

Industrial settings: in many modern wedding shoots, photographers and couples are interested in getting something that's a little bit different and a little more artistic. Going into an industrial factory area or even a warehouse space can create an area that has plenty of controlled lighting as well as a very different background than you may see in many types of wedding photography. The rustic background as well as the very industrial setting of these types of photographs can lead to a very artistic look for the shoot. You can get some amazing views throughout a factory or warehouse space and they are often available for rent or access for photography if couples are able to contact the owners in advanced. Many local breweries are now offering this type of experience complete with beer tasting as you enjoy taking your wedding photos too!

A beach setting: destination weddings have become quite popular and so have taking wedding photos on the beach. Finding yourself up popular public beach however can often make it difficult to get the types of wedding shots that you are interested in. Inquiring about a private beach access that you could use in your area or going to a public beach on a weeknight for photos can be a great way that you can access the area and get all of the summer/holiday themed photos you may want for your wedding. Beaches can be a great place to relax during your wedding day as well as have a beautiful and natural landscape for all of your photos. Finding a local lighthouse or boardwalk could even give you some variance in some of the shots with the backdrop of the dock. It's always important when working with a public space that you received permission to take photos in the area. Be sure to contact the beach owners if it is a private beach or the public ownership/township that owns the beach before you show up for pictures. 

Urban environments: As part of the trend for more artistic photos there are many couples that are choosing areas in urban environments with plenty of graffiti and unique backgrounds for their wedding photos. Choosing a large graffiti wall in the middle of an urban environment can create a beautiful backdrop especially if you have a history and artwork or a history with the area. Getting wedding photos in urban environments such as the downtown core of your city or in the local town square can also be a great way to incorporate the look of your city into your wedding photos. If you have always been a couple that has enjoyed spending time downtown, enjoyed spending time looking at artwork and met almost entirely in an urban area, your wedding photos reflecting this could be a lovely sentiment. Through the magic of editing as well as through some artistic framing it is possible to get a wonderful look for your wedding photos when they are filmed in an urban area like this. When filming in any type of public place however it's very important that you get permission from property owners and that you expect a bit of a challenge especially when getting all of the shots that you may want over your wedding shoot. Speaking with a wedding photographer in Antrim that has experienced shooting in urban environments can often be the best bet for ensuring success with this type of shoot. 

Shooting at your workplace: a popular photo shoot for many firemen/woman and police officers is the idea of getting a wedding photo shoot at the workplace. Depending on the type of profession that you have, you could consider the idea of incorporating some of your favorite coworkers or even your employees to make your wedding shoot something spectacular. Imagine how unique a wedding shoot could be if you are able to get some pictures at the local restaurant that you work at, at your local fire hall, at a veterinary clinic or even at the labs you work at every day. If you have an interesting profession or you and your partner work together, this could be a beautiful way that you can share your passion as well as have an amazing backdrop for all of your wedding photos. This can require a bit of extra planning and you will likely have to speak to your boss/manager or CEO to set up the process. Work shoots have become a fun and artistic way to celebrate your union as well as your individual passion. Going out to your workplace in Antrim is a fantastic shooting location that many of us have taken on as photographers in the past. If you are interested in taking this on be sure to include it in the custom quote!

Shooting on a boat: By organizing a boat charter it is possible that your professional photographer in Antrim can capture a variety of images of you as a couple overlooking the shore or your favorite shore sites. Getting a boat charter out on your lake at a cottage can present some wonderful backdrop for all of your photos that can consistently change. With the right size boat or a luxurious yacht rental, you may also be able to frame some incredible shots on the boat with you and your wedding party. Just a few hours charter can often be enough to capture some incredible shots of your wedding party in a very fun environment. Wedding photographers today often shoot on sailboats, chartered cruises and more and these can make for some very special wedding photos. 

Shooting under the stars: Artistic night shots are becoming quite popular for many weddings. With the help of a pavilion hall, the right lighting or even a large open field with the stars above the couple in the wedding party, you can get some incredible shots. Capturing these night photos often requires extensive editing but they can be absolutely stunning from the right location. Even just driving outside of the city briefly to capture the photos can create some wonderful memories under a starlit sky. Undertaking one of these shoots often requires booking the photographer a little bit later after the ceremony and into the reception. It can be well worth it for the types of photos that you can capture. 

Shooting inside your home: if you have already purchased a home or you and your partner made extensive memories in your parent's homes, a more traditional form of wedding album may be doing a photo shoot at that location. These traditional portraits and intimate wedding photos are a great way to look back on some of your most treasured memories as well as pose in the locations where you have shared them. A creative wedding photographer can often come up with some amazing ways to incorporate various items throughout your home as well as frame shots in such a way that you can notice new details or new angles throughout the shooting location that makes for an incredible wedding album. 

Going out into the woods: If you are a fairly outdoorsy coupling you spend lots of time hiking, going on a wedding day hike with the help of a 4 wheel drive vehicle for the bride could take you out to some of your favorite spots along your top hiking trails. Get photos overlooking the ocean on a Cliffside journey or go deep into the woods to pose beside gigantic trees in your wedding album. This idea is the perfect option for active in outdoorsy couples who want very natural looking and artistic wedding albums! We love going out into the countryside in Antrim to capture natural looking shots with our clients. 

Consider some of these top shooting locations when you are working with your wedding photographer in Antrim and you can produce an album with some incredible backdrops. 

If you want to start coordinating with top [Location] wedding photographers today, please contact us using the form below. We have the top creative wedding photographery in Antrim available to assist you. We can help you get the very best in photographers even at discounted rates. To get started we just need a few quick details from you on the contact form. Please fill in this form as thoroughly as you can and we can get back to you with a list of quotes that will best suit your budget and the needs of your wedding party. 

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