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If you are interested in hiring a professional wedding photographer in Argyll and Bute you’re going to need someone who is capable of producing top-quality work in a particular photography style. Having an individual style for your wedding and for the types of shots that you want to capture is very important. Be sure to check into several different portfolio styles to search for examples of these top wedding photography styles when you are choosing a professional photographer. Choosing a photographer that is particularly good at the style you want to capture your wedding in is very important. If you like our work and you are interested in receiving a quote for a wedding photographer in Argyll and Bute please use our sign up form today to provide you with a free quote

Here are some of the most popular styles of wedding photography and how you can tell a photographer's style from looking at their portfolio:

Documentary style wedding photography: a documentary style wedding photography has the photographer following around the bride and groom throughout the entire day. The weight of this style of photography works is in a very candid way in which the photographer will take photos of the bride and groom as well as the guests in a candid way. This has become an extremely popular style of wedding photography that's also coupled with the more traditional shots of the bride and groom may want. One of the reasons that documentary or reportage style wedding photos have grown so accessible is the use of digital photos and improved storage devices. Photographers can easily continue capturing images throughout the day without any type of restriction. In many cases with documentary style wedding photos, there are several photographers to capture both the bride and groom. With so many different things happening throughout the wedding day, this style of photography is a great way to make sure that the entire story is told and that almost every fun and crazy moment is captured on film. This type of wedding photography often requires a photographer to take thousands of shots throughout the day as well as at it though shots down into a story of sorts that includes everything that happened throughout the wedding in a massive highlight reel. Many modern couples absolutely love this effect because it allows them to really relive the day from their own unique perspectives. This also helps for many couples that are nervous about the idea of posing for many photos throughout the day. Many of the best shots throughout the wedding happen with candid framing because the photographer is consistently snapping photos the best moments will all be on film. If you are seeking a more modern and narration based wedding album, this could be the style that you are hoping to capture. 

Traditional style wedding shots: these style of wedding photos go back to the idea of film cameras in which couples were asked to pose for a number of different shots throughout the day in a photo style that is almost entirely planned. When film was a big factor in planning out wedding shots a variety of very careful photos were planned out with less room for a creative touch. In most cases with traditional style wedding photography, the photographs are listed and the time at which photographs are taken happens between the reception and the ceremony. This photography style may capture a bit of the wedding ceremony but the photography style mostly honors the idea of capturing traditional portrait shots of the wedding party and family. Traditional style wedding shots are very time oriented and this leaves just a designated period at which the photographer is available to capture the wedding. Often during traditional style wedding capture, the photographer will not be present through most of the reception but only during the ceremony as well as the time after the ceremony to capture the numbered shots. If you are interested in getting a wedding album that is closer to your parents or grandparents style of wedding photos, this could be an excellent idea. With the lowered number of shots in the last time that a photographer needs to be around you can also significantly reduce the cost of your photographer for your wedding day. This is less of a modern wedding style but it can accomplish the idea of capturing everyone dressed up as well as the important moment of the ceremony during your wedding day. If you're having a more traditional or formal wedding, this is often an excellent choice. A few traditional style shots can be included within your wedding photography packages in Argyll and Bute to ensure that you can have items which are designed for getting that classical look in your wedding photos. 

Editorial style wedding photography: editorial style photography is mostly designed to create a strong impact and a very creative shot for a wedding. Wedding photography that takes place in the editorial style is closer to a fashion shoot or magazine shoot in which photographers will be consistently framing the shot in a studio like environment or a heavily controlled atmosphere. This style borrows slightly from the idea of a traditional style wedding shoot with a group of particular shots that need to be captured over the course of the day. The difference between editorial style shots and traditional style portraits, however, is that there is some room for creativity with the backgrounds as well as the editing. An extensive amount of post-production work goes into the process of developing each and every image. What this eventually creates is the chance for a bride and groom to have their own unique style portraits and a bridal shoot that looks straight from the pages of a magazine. Every photographer may have their own sense of editorial style but if you are interested in a wedding album that is more formal, more touched up and heavily edited this could be the best way that you can get portrait style photography looks for your wedding. This wedding photography style is becoming a little more popular because it is much more widely affordable than it once was. Wedding parties are able to come into a studio environment or get the lighting and editing perfect in every single portrait shot. Often in editorial style wedding photography, a couple will get far fewer shots back from their wedding but the quality of each image will be highly tailored to their specifications. Editorial shots can help us look our absolute best as well as create high impact photography. The difference between these photos and documentary style photos, however, is that they do not necessarily capture the emotion and the story of the day. Editorial style photos are simply designed in the artist's image and with the emotions that they want to convey in the editing and framing of each shot. 

Artistic style wedding photos: artistic style wedding photos are a very modern approach to wedding photography in which the photographer will go out of their way to create completely unique images. The problem with social media as well as online sharing is that in many cases it's very difficult for wedding photos to look unique. By adopting the artistic wedding photo style for a wedding day shoot a photographer will be able to create a number of artistic shots by changing the framing and the traditional look of wedding photos. A great example of how a photographer can frame a shot to create something unique might be capturing the couple through the rearview mirror of the limousine as they pull away from the ceremony or framing the shot of the ceremonies through the top of one of the stained-glass windows in the church. These types of artistic shots often require extensive planning but it's a great way to move away from the traditional look of framed portraits as well as to get something completely unique for sharing after the wedding. Many couples today are interested in more creative wedding photography photos that go beyond documentary style or the portrait style to simply create a piece of art that they would be proud to hang on their wall or share over social media. This is a rather adventurous style to capture a wedding in but with new camera technology that has come out as well as a wealth of photographers that are willing to push the boundaries of wedding photography, it is growing in popularity. We often incorporate artistic style wedding photos into our creative wedding photographery in Argyll and Bute. This can be included as part of your photography package to build a unique look for your wedding. 

Classic style wedding shots: there are some couples that still have a vision of capturing a classic style wedding in a very vintage format. Classic style wedding shots are often filled with a photographer that has experience using vintage equipment or vintage editing techniques. A photographer can take a modern wedding and cemented into a timely shot that can be preserved digitally. Framing the shots in a more traditional way to make every modern wedding photo look like it is a piece of the past can take real artistic vision. It often takes a photographer years of studying historical photos and historical photo equipment to build a portfolio of black and white wedding photos that can achieve this vintage style with success and confidence. When using vintage equipment you can often expect to pay a little more as a client and you may not get as many wedding photos back. Through modern editing techniques alongside vintage technology, however, you can get many astounding shots that you can treasure just like historical photos of your grandparents and great grandparents wedding day!

Consider some of these top styles of wedding photography as you're looking through portfolio styles. Try to seek out a photographer that can deliver in one of these styles of wedding photography if you have an idea of capturing your wedding in a particular way. Keep in mind that many photographers may be willing to try several different styles or a mix of these elements in their own artistic vision so that you can capture your wedding in a number of different formats!

If you have decided on the ideal format for your wedding photos, you should strongly consider the idea of working with one of our wedding photographers in Argyll and Bute PA30 today. By filling out the form on our main page you can learn more about the fantastic offers we have on hand as wedding photographers. Let us prepare a comprehensive quote for your wedding day today. Feel free to submit a request and we can show you all of the incredible styles that we can deliver for your wedding. 

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